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5 Reasons ProMation is a Fit for Skids

5 Reasons ProMation is a Fit for Skids

Our 35 in lbs through
445 in lbs torque range.

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We Engineer Products to Fit Your Process — We carry standard products or can engineer our products to fit your key requirement, whether it is space, control, voltage. We specialize in manufacturing engineered solutions for customers, changing our products to create your solution.

Size Matters — In the ever constant need to reduce footprint, ProMation low torque actuators (35 to 445 in lbs torque) provide industry leading torque to volume (135 in lb/pint) with the ease of mounting to virtually any valve (fully ISO 5211 compliant for easy mounting).

History of Reliability — A skid can be used in demanding conditions and environments. ProMation all metal constructed actuators are CSA certified to IP67 and NEMA 4X so that where your skid goes is not limited by the actuator. Our return rate is less than 0.05% with over 8000 units placed in service worldwide.

Enough Electrical and Control Options for Any Process — Our actuators can be shipped in almost any control configuration: On/Off/Jog, Modulating, 2 Wire Control (Relay Open/Close). Combining the control options with torque, speed, and voltages available (12vdc, 24vac/vdc, 120vac, 230vac) provide over 50 combinations of products below 450 in lbs torque.

We Think About Your Bottom Line —ProMation understands the balance between price and performance is critical for skid applications. Our goal is to provide a solution that meets your price point.

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