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Electric Actuators for Pulp and Paper Processing

Electric Actuators for Pulp and Paper Processing

Supplying Process Specific Electric Actuators

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Paper Making

is a process intensive endeavor – treating raw materials; pulp preparation and delivery, managing water in the wet end, and removing water in the dry end. ProMation Engineering supplies the pulp and paper industry with accurate and reliable flow control actuators that are critical for paper quality and increased energy efficiency. ProMation electric actuators are used in in two major functions:

Rugged Actuators:

The ProMation P Series actuators are designed and built to withstand the challenging environments found in paper plants – high temperatures, vibration, and high humidity. While the P series dual acting quarter turn actuators deliver up to 40,000 inch pounds (4500Nm) of torque and are well suited for use on both valves and dampers, most of the applications in paper processing are for dampers and 1 inch to 4 inch valves requiring 300 in lbs to 3000 in lbs (35Nm to 338Nm).

Precise Control:

Paper processing requires specific control and ProMation has a range of options. Cost effective proportional control using the AdVanced Proportional Controller allows precise control at lower torques. For larger torque ranges, the ProMation Premium Controller offers programmable deadband, fault diagnostics, data logging, and different control input and feedback. Modbus and Profibus communication capabilities are available.

Pulp and Paper Applications:

The actuators are particularly effective for damper control in paper drying. ProMation has supplied actuators for an OEM paper machine supplier for a bank of dampers controlling paper drying. ProMation actuators have been installed to recover exhaust heat from the drying stacks to increase burner efficiency. On the fuel supply side, ProMation actuators are used to control fuel oil levels in delivery tanks. ProMation stands behind their actuators with a 18 month warranty and the ability to provide local, reliable service.

Local Control Stations:

ProMation Engineering has worked with their customers and the owner/operator to develop application specific Local Control Stations (LCS). Most often the LCS's are mounted where they can be accessed by factory personnel and not necessarily near the actuator, which may be in a difficult or dangerous location.  The LCS allows the factory technician to take control of the actuator and position the flow control device per his requirements to perform maintenance on a damper for example, and then return the control to central process control.

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Rugged performance - created for industrial use.

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