PE(O) Spring Return Actuators

The PE(O) family of electric spring return actuators are designed for load requirements of 3185 inch pounds. The actuator comes standard with two auxiliary switches (form C), an internal low power heater, a NEMA 4X environmental rating, and in 120VAC, 230VAC, or 24VAC/DC (on/off only) supply voltages. The PE(O) Series mechanical connections utilize an ISO 5211 mounting system, Size F12 with an 8 point 36 mm female drive. The PE(O) Series is offered in two control modes: on/off (2 position control), or Proportional (modulating) control.
Application requirements will dictate whether to utilize a CW (clockwise spring return) or CCW (counter-clockwise spring return) model.
Spring return direction is NOT changeable, and actuator must be configured for spring return direction at time of order.