About Us

ProMation Engineering, located in Brooksville, Florida, designs, engineers , and distributes high quality industrial electric quarter-turn actuators ranging from 55 in lbs to 40,000 in lbs.

Our Story

The company was founded by people with over 75 years experience in the controls and automation industries. We operate an efficient organization with dedication to our mission and vision statements. Our goal is to establish and nurture win-win relationships with entities focused in our target markets.

Our dedication to customers is exemplified by respectable distribution guidelines, competitive pricing structures, and efficient controls of inventory levels in order to maximize financial performance at our customers' level as well as at our own manufacturing operations.

Our Mission

ProMation Engineering provides electric actuation products and solutions for customers worldwide for industrial applications. We form strategic partnership with regional suppliers to fulfill unique needs in electric actuated valve assemblies. We are recognized by our customers as an innovative engineering developer of products for their specific needs. Our customers know they can rely on ProMation Engineering to provide the correct technical solution at the correct time with complete confidence. The interactions with our stakeholders are based on Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Respect, and Openness. The goal is to achieve a high degree of loyalty between the company, its customers, and our employees.